May 5th, 2019 – Sunday of the Myrr-Bearing Women

05 May, 2019

Post By : Jason Charron

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! Христос воскрес! Воістину воскрес!

Dear Friends,

I made a purchase at the local gas station yesterday, but not before I had to wait for the man ahead of me to talk at length with the poor teller. He was trying with great valor to pass himself off as sober, the insufferable teller was trying her utmost to politely act interested, and I was trying my Christian-best to act as though I were in no rush whatsoever. The truth was otherwise on all three accounts. As I listened to his slurred words, and all the store with me, I couldn’t help but think of that old Yiddish adage:

וו ָאס א ניכטער מענטש מיינט ,א שיקער מענטש רעדט

Vos bei a nichterne oif dem lung, iz beim shikker oif der tsung What a sober man thinks, a drunkard speaks!

In hindsight the truth is that this man, and others like him, is in need of prayers. He invariably had tragedy in life and choose to resort to drink to deal with the pain. Others medicate their pain through narcomania, nymphomania or narcissism. Still others who are faced with tragedy or severe defeat resort to hiding, much like the Apostles when Christ was arrested and killed. But, God gives us a way out.

The way out is given us in the exemplary case of the Myrr-bearing women. The way out of pain is: to do good. These holy women knew that the good before them was to anoint what they expected to be a dead body, so they did it. Meanwhile, St. Peter and the gang were hiding in a 1st century bunker asphyxiated by their own fears, living in their heads and comatose in their hearts. These women, as women so often do, just went out and did the good nobody else had the gumption to do. It is a lesson for us. Are you paralyzed by fear? Do you feel trapped and have nowhere to go? Is there a situation before you today that causes the breath to leave you? The answer is, “Go to Jesus with your pain and find a concrete task to do with your hands that will help somebody else.”

In the Risen Christ, Jason, priest and sinner.

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