May 26, 2019 – Sunday of the Man Born Blind

27 May, 2019

Post By : Jason Charron

Sunday May 26th, 2019                          Sunday of the Man Born Blind

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!               Христос воскрес! Воістину воскрес!

Dear Friends,

*I wish to welcome into our spiritual family the newly enlightened servant of God, Nataliya Sushko. She is all of four months old, and we have baptized her this weekend. We share in this great joy with her parents, Nazar and Khrystyna, and brother, Adrian.

*We also welcome to our parish this weekend Fr. Michael Kulik. This is a sort of homecoming for Fr. Michael because one side of his family traces roots back to McKees Rocks. He has driven all the way in from Cleveland to cover for me and I am most grateful to him for this. He is quite accomplished in his professional life, but never used that as an excuse to not make sacrifices for God’s church. His commitment to Christ and His Church led him to the priesthood over ten years ago and he has not looked back. We are most grateful and blessed to have him here this Sunday at 11am Liturgy.

*We live in strange times. I have to be away this Sunday at my daughter’s graduation from Bishop Canevin High School. Odd that a Catholic high school should hold its graduation ceremony on a Sunday morning at 11am. We live in a time when men are so quick to forget God and His rights, foremost of which is His right to be worshipped on the Lord’s Day. I have the utmost respect for the decision taken two weeks ago by the Archbishop of Detroit,  Most. Rev. Allen Vigneron, to ban sports at Catholic schools on Sunday. His letter entitled, The Day of the Lord,  challenges the Catholic faithful to “reclaim Sunday as a day set apart for the Lord, for family, and for works of mercy.” This should not be news.

The good news is that God has given to you the power to sanctify Sunday. It is entirely your affair if Sunday become a holy day or if it becomes an ordinary day. Nobody else has that power, but you. Even in a Siberian labor camp, brave Christians made a point of making Sunday a special and holy day different from the rest of the week. The other prisoners noticed.  What can you do to set Sunday apart from all the other days of the week? God will notice.

In the Risen Christ,

Jason, priest and sinner

Make sure to download the full bulletin here:May 26 2019

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