Sunday of All Saints

16 June, 2019

Post By : Jason Charron

Sunday June 16th, 2019                                           Sunday of All Saints

Glory to Jesus Christ!                                                                Слава Ісусу Христу!

Dear Friends,

The youth group and I returned Friday night from our world-wind tour of Philadelphia for the youth day with our new Metropolitan, Borys Gudziak, and from the retreat in the beautiful Adirondack mountains on the inimitably gorgeous Lower Saranac Lake. It truly was a time for our youth to draw closer to Christ in prayer, and closer to Him through the joy that comes from recreation (re-creation) in the wildness and comradery with one another. My reward was seeing them bonding closer in friendship, whether it was during an 11-mile canoe trip, cliff diving, rafting down a chasm, playing mini-golf, sitting around a campfire or cleaning up after a meal. When we pray, play or work together we become joined to those with whom we pray, play and work.


Working, playing or praying for God’s purpose in this world creates an even deeper bond than ordinary friendship; it creates a supernatural bond known as the communion of the saints. This communion is perfected in the Kingdom of God, but it already starts here in this world.  For this reason, you and I have a feeling of affection for certain Saints whom we have never seen face to face. We have affection for them because they are connected as branches to the same vine we are connected to (Jesus Christ), we share in the same economy of grace and work for the same goal: the sanctification of all in Christ. We are family with these Saints who have gone before us. We pray for them to grow in greater glory, and we pray to them that they may assist us through their intercession to the Mighty One of Israel. They have already worked this field in which you and me now toil and that shared experience also draws us closer. They can empathize with us. Thus, on this day, the first Sunday after Pentecost, the Church places the example and memory before us of these holy men, women and children. This is done to teach us that once the Holy Spirit descends upon us we become extraordinary.


The absence of great miracles and miracle-workers today is not because God’s Spirit is lacking. Rather, it is because man’s spirit has faltered. The Holy Spirit is like a fire hydrant: if only a single workman were to focus on loosening that bolt, then the water would come gushing forth. Gushing forth indeed, and not only upon the workman but also upon the bystanders and the whole neighborhood.  Friend of God, what are you waiting for? Become the saint you were meant to be. He’s given you today.


In Christ,      Jason, priest and sinner

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