June 23rd, 2019 – 2nd Sunday after Pentecost

23 June, 2019

Post By : Jason Charron

Sunday June 16th, 2019                                    2ndSunday after Pentecost

Glory to Jesus Christ!                                          Слава Ісусу Христу!

Dear Friends,

You may recall that back in our May 19thbulletin I introduced to you a new family which will be moving into our parish, Matt and Hannah Ketchum along with their two small children, Leo and Cyril. Matt is not a priest, nor is he a deacon, nor a seminarian. He is a lay missionary. If you’re not sure of what that is, then take a look at Luke chapter 10:1-2.

“After these things the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them two and two before him into every city and place, where He Himself would come. Therefore said He unto them, ‘The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth laborers into his harvest.’”

Jesus was a trainer of men. The Lord sent out seventy disciples, ordinary people who were not apostles, and they were to prepare the way for the ministry of Jesus. He gave these seventy men a great responsibility for the souls of others. He told them that the harvest is great, but that the laborers were few in number. He sent them out two by two to help meet this need.

Matt and Hannah, these disciples of Jesus but ordinary people like your family and friends, will arrive here in Pittsburgh on July 1st. They just  completed a year in Austria training future missionaries. After they get a few days to settle in, I hope most of us will have a chance to meet them either at our parish “Potluck & Fireworks Party” on the 4thof July at Trinity Acres, 6pm, or at the weekend Liturgies on July 7th. Whenever you meet them, you will note their joy. This is a fruit of faith. Their being among us is a great endeavor made possible largely through a grant we received from the Koch Foundation, a Catholic organization which specifically supports evangelization projects for parishes.

In today’s Gospel reading, Jesus calls Peter, Andrew, James and John and makes them fishers of men. This is your calling, and it is one Matt and Hannah take seriously. We are all called to be fishers of men. This is not something reserved for the clergy! True, the clergy have in the past few centuries done most of this themselves, but a quick glance around shows this hasn’t been very effect! Jesus met His future apostles during their ordinary tasks and it was there that He invited them. What do you have to lose by trying the same? Just last week I was talking with a university student at a grocery store. At the end of our conversation I asked him, “John, what sets you apart from everyone else at Duquesne?” I could tell the question caught him off guard. I left him with those words to ponder.

My friend, God wants you to help Him save souls. Here are harmless, effective ways you can do it:

  • Pray for someone specifically by name, with a specific intention
  • Do deeds of kindness with great joy
  • Be the person in the room who inserts goodness and truth into a conversation
  • Naturally bring the words and example of Jesus into your conversations.
  • Share good Christian literature, books, pamphlets which strengthen one’s understanding of the Bible and the Faith


In Christ,


priest and sinner

The rest of the bulletin is available 2nd Sunday after Pentecost