6th Sunday after Pentecost – July 21, 2019

20 July, 2019

Post By : Jason Charron

Sunday July 21st, 2019                                      Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

Glory to Jesus Christ!                                                                Слава Ісусу Христу!

Dear Friends,

Our UGCC catechism has a wonderful insight into the nature of sin. In paragraph 150 we read, “As a consequence of sin, the human will to choose good was weakened and the inclination towards evil increased. Through sin, we found ourselves in a state of interior division, as the law of sin within us opposed the law of God. Then, as the holy apostle Paul teaches, we do not do the good that we love, but rather the evil that we hate (see Rom. 7:19-21). ‘Instead of the visible Eve, I have the Eve of the mind: the passionate thought  in my  flesh,  showing me  what  seems sweet;  yet  whenever I  taste from it, I find it bitter.’  ”


God made us infinitely good. However, through temptation from the devil we choose to sin against God, and we lost the likeness of God which we once possessed. Instead of inclining toward goodness, something like a black hole developed in our hearts which now inclines us toward sin. To counter that downward spiral of evil, God the Father sent His Beloved Son, the Christ, into our world. While He dwelt among us He taught us saving truths, gave us miracles to verify His words and the ultimate miracle was His resurrection after His death on the cross. His resurrection accomplished two things: First, it served to defeat Satan and to undo Adam’s hold on us. We can now have communion with God again, moreover become His sons and daughters. Second, it served to demonstrate to the entire world that Christ is the only true one, the only good one, the only just and saving one.


To keep us in this state of communion with His Father, Christ the Lord gave us His own self as food. When we approach the Holy Eucharist we are receiving aid from heaven to resist evil and we receive strength (grace) to grow in faith, hope and love. These three virtues are divine gifts and as such are communicated to us through a divine channel: the Divine, Holy Body and Blood of Christ. It is not bread. It is not wine. The senses tell us that, but faith tells us that it is Christ we receive. For example, think of a blood-transfusion. Your life is saved by allowing a matching donor’s blood to live in you. Who’s blood could be more life-giving than the Perfect One’s own blood? Since He is good, it follows that He will give it to us in a spiritual form: “It is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh is of no avail.”  To learn more about this, see next week’s bulletin.


In Christ,

Jason, priest and sinner

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