9th Sunday after Pentecost – Aug. 11, 2019

12 August, 2019

Post By : Jason Charron

9thSunday after Pentecost                                    August 11th, 2019

From the Desk of the Pastor…

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

Dear Friends,

This is the last week before our parish festival and I’m very excited! I have been working with Matt Ketchum to ensure that Aug. 17-18 will be an opportunity for prospective parishioners to have a positive experience of our parish. They may be coming looking for food, but we hope they will find food for their souls as well. Jesus calls us to be “fishers of men,” so what are some things each of us can do to make sure we don’t lose any fish?

  • First, make sure you yourself have a relationship with Jesus. When you pray, pull up a chair and pretend Jesus is sitting right there beside you. Then, proceed to talk with Him. Or, close your eyes and pretend you are whispering in His ear. This is a form of mental prayer. It is a heart-to-heart with God. Praise Him for the great deeds of salvation which He accomplished for you. We can only give that which we first possess. Do you want to give Jesus to others? Great, let us acquire His Spirit by the grace that comes through prayer and godly living, then share it. This process is ongoing and nobody does it perfectly, but the effort is what counts J.
  • Next, when you meet someone (especially someone under 30!) look them in the eye, let them know that they are important to you by investing your time and attention. By this they will know that you really do care about their well-being. Jesus met Andrew, James and John personally, in the midst of their fishing labors, then He invited them. It’s a lesson for each of us. Build on the good foundation of others and get to know their comfort zones, let them entrust you with natural friendship, this will prepare them for the next step. Food is a great medium to do this. Jesus fed the 5,000, then gave them eternal teaching (John 6).
  • Finally, having your feet on the ladder to heaven and your hand in the hand of a new friend, you can then invite her: “Friend come higher (Luke 14:10). Invite people to events at our parish.

At this year’s festival I wish to pose a challenge to you personally. Make a strong connection with a new person, look him in the eye and invite him to come to one of the Bible studies we’ll be offering here every Tuesday evening at 7pm starting Sept. 3rd.

In Christ,                                                         Jason, priest and sinner.

See full bulletin 8-11-19.