Post 1 – On the Presence of Evil

How do we respond to the presence of evil, not only in the world, but particularly within the Church herself? On the one hand we affirm that the Church is Christ’s and is immaculate. On the other hand, we also acknowledge the sinfulness of her human members. At times, the scale of that sinfulness can be staggering. Please don’t let a few evil people (there will always be some) come between you and God. We must not leave Christ because of Judas. If we leave the Church because of the sinners inside of it, that would be like leaving a gym because there are out of shape people there. Come on down to Holy Trinity Catholic Church here in Carnegie and let us prove to you that the Church can be a place of loving community, a place of encounter with the living God. The journey may not be easy or comfortable, but it will be worth it. We will all have to die to ourselves and carry our cross to follow Jesus but we can do it together. We love you and want you to get to Heaven and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. God bless you.