Ketcham Family

We Are The Ketcham Family

We have been serving the Lord on mission for the last six years (in Chicago, Missouri, Denver, Pittsburgh and Austria) and we are blessed to find ourselves at Holy Trinity parish in order to evangelize and serve the community there. We have two kids, Leo (age 2) and Cyril (10 weeks old) and we are open to (hopefully) many more that will come!

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life – our salvation and our greatest love! We have been commissioned by God to bring love and truth – the Gospel – to this broken world. We are excited to evangelize in the Pittsburgh area and to hopefully find a method of evangelization that can be repeated in parishes, neighborhoods, and workplaces across the country. If the laity can turn more fully to Christ and embrace a vision for authentic discipleship then we will see tremendous renewal in our culture. This new springtime in the Church starts with each one of us, in our personal relationships with Christ, in our homes and in our families.

Your donations are going to bring the offer of salvation, joy, hope, peace and mercy to others. Your prayers will be what remove obstacles, make straight the paths and prepare the way for the Lord to come in the souls of those we encounter. We cannot do this without you. Thank you so much for your participation in this new step in our mission! God bless you!!

-Matthew, Hannah, Leo & Cyril Ketcham

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